Teens Driver Education

Students between the ages of 14 years 9 months and 17 years of age are required to complete the teen course in order to obtain their driver license. The state of Texas requires 32 hours of classroom instruction followed by 14 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction (total 7 drive times). Students will take the written test in the classroom and upon passing, they will be given a DE-964 certificate to get their learner’s permit from the DPS. Once student has been issued a learner’s permit, they must submit a copy of the permit to the driving school office either by providing a hard copy or uploading a digital copy of the permit on our website (click here)

Drive times may be scheduled according to the student’s schedule. These are designed to be scheduled flexibly. The students go out in a group of two with one of our instructors. They each drive for one hour and observe for one hour at a time. During summer, we will have morning and evening hours available for the classes and drive times.

In addition to the completion of the course, student under the age of 18 also required to drive 30 hours in which 10 hours must be at nighttime.  Drivinginstructions for this must be provided by parents/legal guardians (or an adult over the age of 21). These hours must be entered in 30 hours log provided by DPS (Click Here to print: 30 Hours Log)



As of September 1, 2015, Texas requires all students who took or are taking the teen course to complete the ITTD program prior to their road test. This can only be completed after the student has completed the full teen course (32 hours of classroom instruction, 14 hours of behind the wheel training, and 30 hours of behind the wheel training with an adult) and received their certificate of completion. ITTD is a 2 hours program that has eight modules and a quiz after each module. After completing all the lessons, the student is eligible to print their certificate, which they will receive via email. The ITTD certificate is only valid for 90 days. ITTD can be done online.



Student is required to complete the following at the Driving School:

Student is required to complete the following with Parents/legal guardians:


A full-course includes:

  • 32 Classroom Hours
  • 14 In-Car hours
  • Permit Test
  • Vision Test
  • DE-964 (DPS Certificate for Learner’s permit)
  • DE-964 (DPS Certificate for Road Test)
  • Insurance Discount Certificate

Requirements to Sign up for the class:

  • An Application signed by a Parent/Guardian
  • A payment in cash, check or Credit Card (3% Fee my apply to Credit Card)
  • A black ink pen and a notebook should be brought to all classes

Get yours Learner's Permit

According to the new law, all teenagers are required to go to DPS Office with their parents to get their permit once the required documents are ready in order to get their permit.

Documents to be shown to DPS:

  • Certified Birth Certificate (No foreign birth certificate accepted, must have resident alien card, passport with visa, Texas id or citizenship papers)
  • Original Social Security Card (not required for certain non-immigrant status)
  • Two proofs of Texas residency (e.g utility bills, bank or credit card statement)
  • A valid TEA Form (proof of enrollment obtained from school office) – Valid for only 30 days from the date issued.
  • Forms given by us – DE964 & DL-14A (permit application form given by instructor on Day 1)
  • $16 for 18 below and $26 for 18 and above, which is submitted to DPS Office for Permit Application.
Take your Road Test
DFW Driving School is state certified by the DPS to administer the road test for those who meet the criteria. Click Here for more details. You don't have to wait  2 - 3 months in order to take your road test anymore. Schedule your Road Test right now with us and take a test with no waiting period. 
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